Goryeojang (1963) [720p] [BluRay] [YIFI] [1-LINK] [Korean]

Goryeojang (1963) [720p] [BluRay] [YIFI] – [1-LINK – 1001 MB]

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Goryeojang (1963) [720p] [BluRay] [YIFI] – [MP4 – 1001 MB] – [ 1-LINK ]

01:50:15 | 1280×464 @ 1150 Kbps | MP4

Genres: Drama | Rating: 7.2★

Plot: Prior to the adoption of Confucianism, it was the tradition to abandon one’s parents on a mountainside if they were over 70 years of age. In the ancient kingdom of Goryeo, now modern Korea, a nobleman defies this tradition when he refuses to leave his mother to starve to death.

Slaves Of Hollywood (1998) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YTS MX]

Slaves Of Hollywood (1998) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YTS MX]

IMDB information:

Title: Slaves of Hollywood (1998)
Genres: Comedy
Description: Slaves of Hollywood follows the lives of a group of recent college graduates at their first jobs in corporate Hollywood. Thomas, Pink, Fisher, Dean, and Roman have just moved out to Los Angeles and they aspire to become "players". But first they have to start at the bottom, working as personal assistants to a variety of maniacal producers, agents, and studio executives. The glamour of working in Hollywood quickly begins to fade after endless days of making coffee and babysitting the boss’ children. As time moves on, our lead characters struggle to move up the corporate ladder while keeping their sanity and morals intact.

The Opps (2021) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] [1-LINK]

The Opps (2021) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] – [1-LINK – 1.34 GB]

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The Opps (2021) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] – [MP4 – 1.34 GB] – [ 1-LINK ]

01:20:31 | 1920×1072 @ 2250 Kbps | MP4

Genres: Crime, Drama | ★

Plot: Ain’t no rules to this street game! Realizing the “Opps” are sometimes closer to you than you thought: who do you trust? Your devious wife, or childhood friends?

Warning (2021) 1080p BluRay 1400MB DD5.1 x264-GalaxyRG [1-LINK]

Warning 2021 1080p BluRay 1400MB DD5 1 x264-GalaxyRG – [1-LINK – 1.4 GB]

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Warning 2021 1080p BluRay 1400MB DD5 1 x264-GalaxyRG – [MKV – 1.4 GB] – [ 1-LINK ]

01:25:28 | 1920×808 @ 14320 Kbps | mkv

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama | ★

Plot: Loneliness, death and the meaning of life, explored through vastly separate lives colliding in interweaving short stories set in future Earth.

Between Forever (2021) [720p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] [1-LINK]

Between Forever (2021) [720p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] – [1-LINK – 764 MB]

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Between Forever (2021) [720p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] – [MP4 – 764 MB] – [ 1-LINK ]

01:23:10 | 1280×494 @ 1150 Kbps | MP4

Genres: Romance | ★

Plot: This is a day in the lives of two completely different people. One is steady empowered woman -April that works for the EPA and married to the right person for everyone else but herself. By total accident she meets the complete opposite to her estranged husband, Marlon a cook that has too many mishaps in his life. He too is at the crossroads to choose how to straighten his life. Their serendipitous meeting not only changes their outlook on life but alters their future and what happens between forever.

Robot Riot (2020) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] [1-LINK]

Robot Riot (2020) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] – [1-LINK – 1.46 GB]

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Robot Riot (2020) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YIFI] – [MP4 – 1.46 GB] – [ 1-LINK ]

01:27:52 | 1920×800 @ 2250 Kbps | MP4

Genres: Action, Science Fiction | Rating: 3.1★

Plot: Unconscious soldiers are dropped into a testing site only to discover their memories have been wiped and that once docile machines are the new intelligence.