Seven Sinners (1940) 1080p BluRay H264 AAC-RARBG

Seven Sinners 1940 1080p BluRay H264 AAC-RARBG

IMDB information:

Title: Seven Sinners (1940)
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Description: Bijou, a saloon singer with a reputation for inciting brouhahas, is one of several deportees from a south Pacific island to arrive at another U.S. protectorate, Boni Komba. She becomes very popular with U.S. navy men by performing at the ‘Seven Sinners’. A navy Lieutenant is attracted to Bijou despite the Governor’s machinations to keep them apart, and the competing affections of local mobster, Antro. Will the Lieutenant give up the navy for Bijou, and will he survive Antro’s forces?
Director: Tay Garnett
Writer: John Meehan (screen play), Harry Tugend (screen play), Ladislas Fodor (original story), László Vadnay (original story)
Actors: Marlene Dietrich, John Wayne, Albert Dekker, Broderick Crawford
Rating: 6.8
Runtime: 87 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Rate: Approved


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01:26:40 | avc1 | English
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