Do I need to pay a fee for accessing this website?
No! Everything on the website is completly free! (Expect Advertising, click here for more information)

Where can I find the download links?
Find a movie you like and click on “Continue to download” and there you go… 🙂

How can I join Best-MovieZ.WS team (Author)?
Message us using the contact form.

Dead link on a movie I want to download. How do I report it?
Leave a comment on the movie post and the links will be changed as soon as possible.

How do I request a movie not available on the site?
Go to Request a Movie and fill up the blind fileds and press “Send” 🙂

Why some of the movies don’t have a screenshot included in the post?
If the movie is DVDRip than it is possible no screens are posted because the picture is a good quality.

Where are all the files hosted?
None of the files listed here are hosted on the same server as the website. They are located on file hosting websites and third party servers.

I would like to advertise on your website, is that possible?
Yes, please click here for more information.